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Automatic Watch Winder 丨Choose One Suits You Most with Special Design ?

Automatic Watch Winder 丨Choose One Suits You Most with Special Design ?

December 18, 2019

If you are a enthusiast of premium watches, you must know these watches are works of art and precision. There is no doubt that an automatic watch winder will serve as an elegant yet highly functional partner to your watch. You can find lots of watch winders on the market, but how to choose a proper one which can suit almost your needs ?

Top 4 Watch Winder Recommand With Special Design

  • JINS&VICO Watch Winder in Bamboo

This watch winder made of premium natural bamboo shell with special noble look, practical, ornamental and spacious for for 6 automatical watches. Smooth painted surface, compare with traditional wood box, it is not easy to scratch and makes the watch winder mold proof or dampproof. To better protect your Rolex or other watches, this safe box is equipped with a built-in lock, you can lock it with a key.

  • JINS&VICO Watch Winder in Carbon Fiber

It is a high end automatic watch winder and looks stunning. The box is attractive with a glossy carbon fiber look and the motors are pretty quiet.It is features a quality, reliable winding system with modern style & contemporary design. Especially for the pentagon design and built-in LED light, it's uncommon but still elegant, you can proudly display all your premium watches with it.

  • JINS&VICO Watch Winder in Leather

This JINS&VICO watch winder is one of the most loved by watch collectors. The exterior is a nicely colored leather by insulated PU, anti-magnetization to extends the life of your watch and makes your watch work accurately. With a quiet Japanese motor, it's impossible to here any noise, so you can put it in your bedroom or closet. Everything about this watch box appears to be high quality. Extra 4 storage spaces for you to store more watches, the movement is adjustable in pairs too, so you don’t have to have all four spaces turning.

  • TRIPLE TREE Dual Watch Winder

This is a double automatic watch winder, which made of wood shell and black leather. The special ostrich pattern make it looks more fashionable. Nice leather, fit and finish is excellent.The watch winder rotating base allows easy access to your fine watches, plenty of interior space for large and oversize watches. The hinges of the cover moves smoothly and the watch pillows are fluffy and soft which fit your watches tightly. 

Key Consideration For Watch Winder

  • Engine & Moter Quality

Quality of the motor must be considered at first, as you know, a watch winder is designed to keep the watch wound, a quality motor can ensure the movements of winders and it should never compromise the functionality of your watches. In the other hand, most people always place their watch winders at nightstand close to bed, a quiet motor will play a big role. Majority of winders are made with Mabuchi motors from Japan, it can make your watch winder keep extremely silent when running with it's excellent noise isolating. 

  • Size & Capacity

Winders come in a large variety of capacity offerings, it always depends on how many watches do you own and how many of those do you want to store or wind. You can choose single or multiple watch winders. A single watch winder can be a good option if you only have one or two watches. It don't require much space to store. If you are watch collector, multi-watch winder is the best choice. Some can accommodate more than two watches at a time, and others can even fit up to four or eight watches.

  • Power Source

A watch winder requires different type of power source, most models need to have an AC adapter, it will limit the place where you want to place your watch winder. Of course, there are also battery-powered winders can be choosed, you carry it wherever you go. 

  • Materials & Apperance

Apperance is always very important factor in determining your choice on watch winders.



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