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Best Watch Winder Safe In 2020: Protect Your Luxury Watches

Best Watch Winder Safe In 2020: Protect Your Luxury Watches

December 26, 2019

Watch is always one of the most popular items to collect, especially for automatic watch, which is crafted precisely so that it has an indefinite life could keep an accurate measurement of time. An automatic watch has an indefinite life, pausing only when the wearer ceases to wind. However, as for watch collectors, they don't always have enough time to care about all the watches, now it's time to purchase a watch winder safe which satisfies more than security needs but also organization and display for every avid collector.

Why buy a watch safe?

Just like all collections, once you fall in love with the watches and become fascinating, majority will continue to grow their collections, even to values exceeding more than 10 thousands dollars and well beyond. And most luxury watches are automatic without a battery, if the watch is not worn regularly, it will fairly quickly stop working. If you are watch enthusiat with several luxury watches, a great watch winder carbinet can give you a safe and permanent place to store and wind.

Benefits of using watch winder cabinet 

  • Keep you watch running. Most watches will stop running if not being worn for several days, the main benefit of watch winder is to keep you watch wound even when not being worn.
  • Protect your luxury watches. A good watch winder provides the proper care and maintenance for mechanical automatic watches. At the same time, a watch winder can be a safe to protect your expensive watches with luxury brands.
  • Proudly display your watches like jewellery box. Normally the watch winder is a box made of nicely finished wood or covered in leather, which can be a great way to put your collection on display for you and others to enjoy. 
  • Save money on repair. If your watches stop running for a long time, maybe you will spend a lot of money to repair them in the shop. There is no doubt, keeping your luxury watches wound in a watch box helps to reduce the risk of more frequent repair and maintenance.

The best luxury watch winder in 2020

  • JINS&VICO Watch Winder Safe Box

This luxury watch winder carbinet made of high quality microfiber leather exterior and red microfiber leather interior. And it has an intelligent detector alarm system with explosion-proof glass and it makes your watches double-protected by a digital locking system and manual key. In the other hand, it is also a safe box with discrete compartments to store your cherish jewelry or money.  It provides 12 individually programmable rotors for all of your watch collections.

  • JINS&VICO Watch Winder in Carbon Fiber with 8 Slots

This is a fantastic watch winder for all automatic watches. 8 adjustable and flexible watch pillows for a variety of watch band sizes. This watch winders made of quality materials, including fine woods, are particularly well suited for showcasing valuable watches. This kind of solid display cabinet can protect your precious watches from any loss or damage, once you close the front door, it will be locked safely.

  • JINS&VICO 8 Watch Winders with 6 Storages

JINS&VICO multiple watch winders has 8 winder pace and 6 storage space to collect your beloved watches. Such a beautiful storage box and a prestige piece, while simultaneously working in a very deliberate and exact way to ensure that your automatic watch remains fully wound even when you are not wearing it.



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