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Watch Winders Buying Guide in 2020

Watch Winders Buying Guide in 2020

December 11, 2019

Ultimate Guide 丨Best Watch Winders You Can Buy In 2020

Are you enthusiast of watches? Do you like collecting watches? While everyone carries smartphones today, the watches have a lot of uses still. If you have a lot of watches, in these times, it’s best for you to invest in a watch winder to keep your watch running and be displayed so that you don’t need to get to regularly wear your watches.

What Is Exactly A Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a useful tool for watch owners, which can keep your automatic watch wound and also provide a safe place to store your watches. As you know, a mechanical watch will stop running if you don't always wear it, watch winder can make an automatic or self-winding watch operate fluently. If you want your watch to still function as well as when you first bought, you need to buy a watch winder. 

The Benefits Of Watch Winders

  • Keep you watch running. Most watches will stop running if not being worn for several days, the main benefit of watch winder is to keep you watch wound even when not being worn.
  • Protect your luxury watches. A good watch winder provides the proper care and maintenance for mechanical automatic watches. At the same time, a watch winder can be a safe to protect your expensive watches with luxury brands.
  • Proudly display your watches like jewellery box. Normally the watch winder is a box made of nicely finished wood or covered in leather, which can be a great way to put your collection on display for you and others to enjoy. 
  • Save money on repair. If your watches stop running for a long time, maybe you will spend a lot of money to repair them in the shop. There is no doubt, keeping your luxury watches wound in a watch box helps to reduce the risk of more frequent repair and maintenance.

Can Watch Winder Hurt My Watch?

Be honest, a poorly designed watch winder which keep rotating the watch will be increased wear in these component. But most watches are quite durable, there is no significant evidence that a watch winder will harm your watch. Our watch winder are made by fine quality materials,  We have more than decades experiences in producing and selling the finest watch winders and watch accessories. 

What kind Of Watch Winders Should I Buy?

If you already have a watch case full of great timepieces, it's about time to take a look at a good watch winder. Although there are lots of winders on the market, it depends on your needs. 

  • Choose a watch winder with enough slots

Some watch winders are only enough for one watch, but if you have multiple watches and you plan to get more in the future, you can choose one for multiple units. 

  • Choose a watch winder made by materials you prefer

Sometimes, a watch winder can be a jewelry box or safe to protect your expensive watches or other valuable objects. They are made of the finest hardwoods, leathers, bamboo or carbon fiber, the design of some winder boxes can draw comparisons to a fine jewelry case. It can be a great way to put your collection on display for you and others to enjoy.

  • Choose a watch winder without noise

Do not simply purchase a watch winder based on its appearance and functionality but consider how loud it is as well. A watch winder with noise will keep you from sleeping soundly at night, a watch winder extremely quiet with silent moto can be the best choice. 

  • Choose a watch winder with good compatibility & price/quality

Buy a watch winder that has the necessary functions and space to be compatible with various watch brands and has different winding specifications. Our watch winders can fit almost all brands on the market.

With a focus on high-end consumer products, each of our brand can be the best choice of luxury watch collector.

Suggestions On Where to Buy

More and more watch winder brands can be selected on the market, is always the best choice for you to shop your first watch winder. We are the aurthorized dealer to sell watches online. You can find all the products from ARCTICSCORPION, INCLAKE, JINS&VICO or TRIPLE TREE. 


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